In Summary

Finding an undershirt that fit well was impossible. Either they were too boxy, had sleeves that were too baggy, or were too short in length.

Paying $30-$40+ per undershirt makes no sense, and wearing a cheap shirt that's disguised as an undershirt just doesn’t cut it either. Stork undershirts deliver the balance of fit, quality and price that you're missing.

Ultimately, we made three alterations to make sure that that Stork undershirts are the best-fitting undershirt you will ever wear.

Taper Down Effect

We rated comfort and look as equally important characteristics of Stork undershirts. Stork undershirts taper down in width from the shoulders while maintaining a comfort level at the waistline, providing for a good-looking fit from the top down.

No More Bunching

We also agreed that we didn't like the sleeves of the common undershirt. They were always too long or too loose, and wouldn’t stay in place. The bunching effect got to us, so with the help of industry professionals we designed Stork undershirts with slightly shorter sleeves so they stay in place underneath button-down. 

The Perfect Length

Typical run-of-the mill undershirts are inconsistent in length.  Those too long can’t be worn casually; those too short can’t be tucked in properly. Stork undershirts are designed to be the perfect length so they can be worn alone for a casual look or paired with a button-down for a more formal look.



Undershirts are a daily staple of the male wardrobe. Maybe you wear one to work under a button-down, around the house, to the gym, or to sleep - but wherever you wear an undershirt you expect comfort.

Ultimately, there’s no substitute to trying on, feeling or experiencing our undershirts, and that’s why we decided to launch our $5 Trial. We're so confident that you'll love our shirts, we'll send you one for free (just pay $5 for shipping) when you subscribe to an undershirt plan.

After we send the undershirt, someone from Stork will check in to see how it fits and feels. Unlike other subscription services, Stork allows you to easily cancel. We, too, are consumers and understand first and foremost that giving customers full control creates a more trusting long-term relationship. Just send us an email, and we’ll handle it.

If you’re interested in trying us out click below to get started!



The Idea Behind Stork

Imagine that you're getting ready for work. You notice that the neckline of your undershirt is worn out, it's shrunken so much that you can't tuck in anymore, and the armpits have holes with splotches of yellow. We all have experienced this. Stork is the solution to your collection of aging undershirts.

Fixing The Fit

Until we made it, we hadn't found a favorite undershirt. The undershirts we were accustomed to were too boxy, had sleeves that were too long and bunch at the shoulders, or came easily un-tucked.

With the help of a crash course in garment measuring from our manufacturing partner, we started measuring shirts with the end goal of making a better-fitting undershirt. After a lot of feedback/criticism from friends and a lot of back-and-forth with our supplier, we can proudly say that Stork undershirts fix the issues we set out to fix, and we've built a better-fitting undershirt.

A Common Annoyance

But was this a personal problem or did my friends feel the same way? It was a consensus among friends that buying new undershirts is a burden to think about. To further confirm this theory, we sent out a survey and this is what we found.

  • 70% of men between the ages of 18-34 wear undershirts
  • 50% of the men who wear undershirts wear them 5-7 days per week
  • 80% of men who wear undershirts agree that they don't buy fresh shirts as often as they should

Remembering to buy new undershirts is not one of man's strengths. Men who wear undershirts daily agree that they don’t buy new ones as often as they should.

Creating A Convenient Service

A service that sends me new undershirts every few months sounded pretty ideal to us, so we decided to work on the concept further with the help of close friends. Ultimately, we want people to think of Stork as a service that adds convenience to their lives. As practical people, it’s only fitting that we create a practical service.

As a Stork member, your undershirt drawer will stay fresh. Try Stork today and make undershirts a convenience.



We wanted the brand to be defined and anchored by practicality and classic style. In addition to a bird commonly associated with perfect deliveries, the name ‘Stork’ also has a strong cultural connection to the history of our current home, New York City.

For almost forty years, infamous New York City Bootlegger, Sherman Billingsley, ran The Stork Club, a world-famous New York City nightclub with A-List clientele – Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Earnest Hemingway, Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra to name a few.

When asked why he named the nightclub, ‘Stork Club’, Billingsley responded by saying, “Don’t ask me how or why I picked the name, because I just don’t remember.” The name, Stork, may not have been very significant to Sherman Billingsley, but it is to us.

With Stork, we feel like we've taken a step in the right direction to build a brand and a company that accomplishes the lofty goals we've set. Ultimately, the Stork undershirt subscription is as practical as the urban planners that created Manhattan's grid.

But as with all names, a name is only as good as the company that stands behind it.